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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks)

Official music video for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks) from the album “Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues.” via Drag City.

2015 – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks)
Director: Claudia Crobatia
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Director of Photography: Mo Schalkx
Cast: Will Oldham, Bella Hay, Emmet Kelly
Special Effects / Props: Luciënne Venner
Styling: April Jumelet, dress Bella by Edwin Oudshoorn

SINCE for Corné Gabriëls

Release of the butterfly bow tie collection by fashion designer Corné Gabriëls.


2014 – SINCE for Corné Gabriëls
Director: Claudia
DOP: Mo Schalkx
Art Direction: Samantha van der Werff
Dancer: Duarte Fernandes
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Hair & Make-up: Tariq Zarin
Title Design: Sander Brouwer
Music: oOoOO

Special thanks to Janno Hahn, Sietse van Gorkom and Smarthouse Films.

ADCN – Siren

SINCE productions collaborated with Werner Damen from Suikerdepôt to create the visuals for the ADCN Award Show, starring Molly D’Amour.

2013 – ADCN Awards Opening Film in collaboration with Suikerdepôt
Cast – Molly D’amour
Director – Werner Damen (Suikerdepôt) in collaboration with Claudia Crobatia (SINCE productions)
Director of Photography – Wouter Westendorp
1st Assistant Director – Jurriaan Rohde
1st Assistant Director – Philip Young
Executive Producer – Paul Harting (Suikerdepôt)
Assistant Producer – Macha Rousakov (SINCE productions)
Creative Producer – Anne-Britt de Jong (Suikerdepôt)
Production Manager – Tom Raeymaekers
Production Coördinator – Beau van Assem (Beaufort Productions)
Production Assistant – Koen van der Knaap
Production Assistant – Akki Nelissen
Production Assistant – Marc Keijzer
Focus Puller – Flip Bleekrode
Focus Puller – Carline Hansen
Gaffer – Christophe Vingerhoets (Dutchboyz Studio’s)
Best Boy – Joop Deden
Gaffer – Erno Das (Erno Das Belichting)
Gaffer – Willem van Eerden (Van der Eerden Visuals)
VTR Operator – Iwan Kenninck (Video Options)
VTR Operator – Sander ten Hof (TenHofProductions)
DI Technician – Paco Suraj Kumar
DI Technician – Harald Beeker
Key Grip – Jasper Leeman (Grip Enterprises)
Grip Assistant – Paul van Leeuwen
Grip Assistant – Kaspar Burghard (Grip Matters)
Art Director – Rikke Jelier (Jelier & Schaaf)
Producer Art Department – Edwin Kemper (Jelier & Schaaf)
Setdresser – Bolek van Blokland
Art Department Assistant – Martijn Bergsma (Jelier & Schaaf)
Art Department Assistant – Naomi Soeters (Jelier & Schaaf)
Special Effects – Hans Voors
Styling – Jos van Heel (House of Orange)
Styling assistant – Maaike Staal
Make-up – Nikki de Vries (Angelique Hoorn Management)
Hair – Tommy Hagen (TommyzToko @ Angelique Hoorn Management)
Wardrobe – Pleasurements (, I love Vintage (, Agent Provocateur (
Muzzle Lam – Deux d’Amsterdam
Horns – Rob’s Propshop
Special Effects – Hans Voors
Catering – Marcel Spaanstra (Dolce Vita), Gennaro Buongiovanni (Dolce Vita)
Editor – Will Judge (Will Judge editing), Teun Rietveld
Post Production – Hectic Electric
Music – Psycho Bitch – Easter
Sound – The Ambassadors
Title design – OffGraphics Zürich
Camera Equipment – Camera Rentals
Light Equipment – Lux & Co
Grip Equipment – Grip Enterprises
Location Equipment – Locatiegoed
Location – Schram Studio’s Amsterdam

Götterdämmerung – Skincree

Commissioned by conceptual artist Marc Bijl, Claudia Crobatia created this video for his new wave / post punk band Götterdämmerung. Claudia already had the idea to visualize a dream of hers; to dance in blood, and when she asked Marc about his thoughts behind the song and he literally replied with “a young confused girl, dancing in a puddle of blood”, she knew it was a match made in heaven.
She casted the talented young Dutch actrice Lisa Smit to embody her and create this video which is undoubtedly also strongly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Lolita.

Marc Bijl (1970) is the biggest rebel in the Dutch art world nowadays. His work, consisting of installations, sculptures, interventions in public space, videos and paintings, strongly goes against the web of ideas and systems that we are often trapped in, such as religion and commercialisation.

The video was part of an exhibition at the Groninger Museum.

2012 – Götterdämmerung – Skincree
Director: Claudia Crobatia
DOP & Editor: Mo Schalkx
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Model: Lisa Smit
Hair & make-up: Carlos Saidel
Styling: Aleide Bezoen

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Bad Man

Music video for Bad Man by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, off his self-titled record via Royal Stable Music.

2014 – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Bad Man
Director & camera: Claudia Crobatia
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Edit & 3D modelling: Michiel van den Berg
Featuring: Hedwig Wiebes and Tommie

Gliss – Blur

Music video for Los Angeles trio Gliss in which Claudia Crobatia’s visual interpretation of the song led to this explosively colorful video filled with sugar-coated acts of destruction. The track comes off the band’s newest album, Langsom Dans.

Behind-the-scenes photos by Lisa Beth Anderson.

2013 – Gliss – Blur
Director: Claudia Crobatia
Director of Photography: Evan Scott
Art Director: Samantha van der Werff
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Hair & Make-up: Annalee Fery
Editor: Michiel van den Berg
Title Design: Sander Brouwer

Wooden Constructions – Punch In The Face

Commissioned by Amsterdam-based band Wooden Constructions, in which the singer (Gover Meit) goes on a date which goes awkwardly wrong.
Eve-Marie Kuijstermans stars in this video in clothes and a headpiece made by Belgian designer Céline de Schepper. The outfit is from her collection Sadness is a Color.

2013 – Wooden Constructions – Punch in the Face
Director: Claudia Crobatia
D.O.P: Mo Schalkx
Producer: Macha Rousakov
Assistant Producer: Lisa Visser
Model: Eve-Marie Kuijstermans
Hair & Make-up: Elsa Helwig
Styling (& outfit Eve designed by): Céline de Schepper
Art Direction: Samantha van der Werff
Editor: Michiel van den Berg
Grading: Jefta Varwijk