he said he had never told anyone about me
as if what happened between us never really happened
or that it was a separate reality, a dream
i said i liked that idea, of it being lived in a different world
one that only we knew of
and it might have never happened
but it did

he slowly moved his hands across his face
i knew he felt sort of uncomfortable
he said he had thought of all the things he wanted to tell me on his way here
and that now he did not know what to say
i said it didnt matter
as he looked at the bruises in my neck
and he asked if i was seeing anyone
i said i was in love

i accidentally slammed the door shut
when i left
and walked back to who i belong to
my shadow sliding over the pavement ahead of me,


we were only meant to create an alternate universe
which was never perfect, but is forever an infinitely beautiful thing in itself


sitting there in the memory of the world
we are
talking about the hidden powers of the subconscious


sweet fools

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